Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Ventures......

Welcome to my blog!  Wow, that sounds pretty cool.....and scary. 

But you know I'm an adventurous type with passions, opinions and ideas that I like to share.  I've always felt that we should not be afraid to follow our dreams regardless of the thought of failure.

If I can bring one good thing in a persons life then I did that one thing right......and I feel we get so caught up in life we tend to forget that we need to make ourselves happy.  What makes me happy is sharing thoughts and ideas. 

I love everything from food, gardening, canning to saving MONEY!  So this is what my blog is all about.  I hope to show recipes, cost savings, and ideas for everyone to enjoy.  I always say "this life is not a dress rehearsal"  get out there and push your comfort zone to the limits!!  This is our only chance.

Thanks for stopping by and join me for good conversations and ideas to bounce off each other!


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